Thu, Jul 02, 2015
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PLEASE READ!: Registration is closed for the 2013 Adventure for the Cures and Road to the Cures. To fill out a registration form for On Track for the Cures, you MUST be a registered user on our site. If you already have an account, Log in, if you don't have an account you can create one using the link above. Once you are logged in you will see the registration links in the dropdown menus.

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The Riders Are The Ride

THE ’96, ’98, 2000, ’03 and ’07 PONY EXPRESS RELAY RIDERS raised over two million dollars for the then Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation as well as for local organizations in communities through which the Relays traveled. It was a fantastically successful program through which every penny raised by the riders went directly to fight breast cancer. 

As an organization, WMF learned so much from the riders and from hosting these 6-8 week long events encompassing thousands upon thousands of miles throughout North America. However, the Pony Express Relays were costly to execute in terms of money, time and energy.  After five major national campaigns, it was time to look for other ways to meet WMF’s charitable/educational goals as well as its mission to grow the ranks of motorcyclists overall and the ranks of women motorcyclists in particular.

Thus the PROGRESSIVE ADVENTURE FOR THE CURES© and PROGRESSIVE ON TRACK FOR THE CURES© programs were born. To date, riders from all programs have collectively raised $2,348,000 towards the eradication of breast cancer.  Every penny raised by the riders still goes toward eradicating breast cancer; the primary recipient organization being the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.

To keep costs down for riders, WMF seeks corporate sponsors for product loans, product donations and/or discounts and financial support. Progressive insurance is WMF’s primary sponsor and has been since 2008. Due to Progressive’s support, it has naming rights for all of WMF’s major programs.

Road To The Cures

Beginning in 2013, a new program, PROGRESSIVE  ROAD TO THE CURES©, will be added to existing PROGRESSIVE ADVENTURE FOR THE CURES© and PROGRESSIVE ON TRACK FOR THE CURES© venues. This will offer yet another twofold opportunity for riders to improve their motorcycling capabilities as they give back beyond themselves. 

The contributions and returns from all of these programs are nothing short of life altering.  In addition to giving back for the greater good, riders become positive role models and leaders in their communities. Plus, they return home having honed their skills to serve as mentors and ambassadors for our beloved sport and lifestyles.

Whether on the road, track or in the dirt, participating riders make up an all volunteer army; a modern day cavalry of horsepower on all manner, size and type of motorcycle.

These peaceful warriors commit their time, energy, talents and no small amount of their own money towards making a difference in countless lives in the present and for future generations. Each has been and is instrumental in lowering the death rate for breast cancer and improving the quality of life for untold numbers of survivors and their families.

We invite you to join forces with these riders through WMF’s three key programs:

  • Adventure for the Cures – Dirt Riding Camps (read more)
  • Road to the Cures – Mastering Curves in the Real World (read more)
  • On Track for the Cures – A safe, controlled environment for enhancing skills (read more)

Beyond these annually planned events, WMF also hosts Progressive Moto Action Centers.  Basically, WMF, Inc. hosts a series of seminars and hands-on workshops tailored to the needs of the venue which could be rallies, club meetings or dealer open houses.

For events to which it is not possible for WMF to attend, an “Event in a Box” has been developed for sharing.  It’s all about sharing the wealth of knowledge that exists.


Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation. WMF, Inc. was initially conceived as an organization to encourage women to join the ranks of motorcyclists through a series of action oriented women’s motorcycle camps billed as the Women’s Motorcycle Festivals.

The focus was on fun-filled, active learning.  And, WMF, Inc. has always been about action, knowing that the cliché is very true. Actions speak louder than words!

WMF, Inc. also recognized, even in 1983, that having more women motorcyclists would lead to more motorcyclists overall a task to which WMF has always charged itself.

WMF, Inc. did not and does not want motorcycling to be a niche avocation for the use of discretionary funds and recreational time. Riders, competitors and the industry all win as our numbers grow. Women remain the key to multi-generational families of riders.

After ten years of hosting these motorcycle camps, the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation decided to use motorcycles as their vehicle towards contributing to society at large as it also maintained its commitment to its other objectives.

WMF, Inc. recognized, in choosing a major women’s health issue, they would likely attract a large number of women riders and their advocates to participate. Thus WMF would create broad and positive visibility of motorcyclists to the general public as well as to potential female motorcyclists.